GM 88-00 C1500 Front Upgrades with Wilwood Calipers (For Wilwood Iron ProSpindles)


Finally, an OE-sized front brake upgrade for 5-lug 88-00 C1500 trucks/SUV's with Wilwood D52 2-piston calipers. This kit comes standard with black or red Wilwood calipers/pads, drilled/slotted rotors, brackets, and all necessary hardware. Utilizes Wilwood C1500 Iron ProSpindles (2" drop) and laser cut steel brackets.  

NOTE:  Requires Wilwood Iron ProSpindles part number 831-15933. DOES NOT FIT stock spindles or aftermarket stock-type drop spindles with caliper mounting ears (McGaughy's, Belltech, DJM, etc).

Wheel size requirement:  Will fit inside many *but not all* 15 inch wheels.

Current Lead Time:  4-6 weeks