GM 88-00 C1500 6-Lug Swap Rotors


6 x 5.5 Lug Pattern - Drilled/Slotted Rotors designed to fit 88-00 C1500 Spindles with stock 1.25" 5-lug rotors.

Can be paired with the  K1500 Rear Disc Conversion as a 6-lug conversion for C1500 trucks.

NOTE:  All C1500 6-lug swap rotors ship with an ABS tone ring. If you have a truck/SUV without front ABS, the tone ring can easily be removed.

Note:  Fits spindles with factory 1.25" rotor width. Non-heavy duty spindles from 88-91 Standard Cabs with a 1" rotor width must be swapped to 88-91 Extended Cab, 90-93 454SS, or any spindle from 92-00. The same applies to drop spindles for those year ranges, although we typically recommend the Belltech BEL-2500